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Airnet Express overview

Airnet Express is an Express and Logistics company started on April 1st 2012. It is a group company of Southern Mercantile Services, the Chennai based Customs House Agent.

The Core Products of Airnet Express being Express services from South East & Freight (Air / Sea) from across the world with Clearance Facilities at Chennai & Bangalore. Customer specific Services that replicates back office services to the clients being our primary focus.

We are ecstatic and pleased to announce that Airnet Express HK Ltd started its operations from 02 of July 2014 which will act as a hub for all our South East operations. We hope we will able to deliver a refined service with this addition. Our core team comprises of well experienced professionals to handle both Express & Freight at Hong Kong, China & Destination Ports.


Our Mission


he primary mission of commercial cargo carriers is commitment to providing fast and reliable on-time service to our customers. Our goal is to provide this service for the lowest available rate possible without ever compromising service. Our success comes from our employees. We provide a working environment that motivates and allows them to grow, develop and perform their duties to the peak of their abilities. we specializes in domestic and worldwide transportation of all types of commodities by means of ocean container freight, truck, air freight, and air express. We can offer you reliable and flexible services, tailored to the requirements of your specific delivery schedule and your budget. We specializes in transportation by means of ocean container freight, truck, air freight, and air express. We have very good rate in the truck service in UAE domestic market.